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Choosing the right pair of watch can be very confusing and tedious especially if you’re a newbie when it has to do with the crucial factors that makes up a good and nice pair of wrist watch. This difficulty associated with being able to spot and choose best mens watches under 500 dollars is brought about by a number of factors including; too many watch brands, models, features, colors, shapes, designs and features to choose from. A successful strategy on narrowing down these options can really make the task of shopping for men and women wrist watches less time-consuming, exciting and fun. The good news is that this time-consuming and tedious task is about to get more exciting because this website has only one course and that’s to share strategies that if followed meticulously will help you to narrow down options and pick out a good timepiece (including best military watch) in less time that you could have imagine. So sit back, grab a cup of

If you don’t already that there are watches for virtually all kinds of occasions including; formal and casual outings, sporting activities including cycling, swimming, hiking and running then consider yourself just informed. In trying to pick a watch for a specific purpose either for work or for outdoor adventures, there are some key elemental factors that you must constantly be aware of. Few of those elementary features include;

watch strapsThe watch Band: different watch bands go well on different attires for specific purpose. Leather watch band is widely considered as a dressy kind of watch is mostly used when dressing for formal outings and occasions like a job interview, board and conferences meetings. They also tend to go well with corporate outfits including suits. The chain watch bracelet is another type of watch band that very common and famous these days, watches with chain bracelets are mostly considered as luxury watches and are great choices when dressing for all kinds of parties including get-together, birthday, and dinner and award night parties. And finally there is also the rubber watch band which is a perfect choice for those moments you need to go out for a bit of outdoor adventures such as cycling, swimming, jogging and so on. They are mostly considered as casual and sporty kind of wrist watches as such usually will go well on casual outfit including a pair of jeans along with a polo or T-shirt.

The Watch Faces

wrist watch displays

this is another criteria used in shopping for watches for different purposes and occasions. Basically, there are three types of watch faces which includes; the Analogue, Digital and digital plus analogue display watch faces. When looking for timepieces to use for corporate outings and occasions including job interviews and attending board meetings, there is no better option than the analogue display because it looks clean and classic. The digital watch face is an ideal choice when looking for watches to go along with your causal outing attires while the combination of digital and Analogue watch face is the perfect choice when shopping for the best military watches for men and women.

Now don’t make the mistake of assuming that these timepieces will cause a big dent on your savings bank account because we have found than shopping within the best watches under 200 dollars price categories will ensure that you spend little for a watch that will be mistaken to be cost a fortune.

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